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Amanda McKay, Holistic Psychotherapist | Clinical Hypnotherapy | Art Therapy

Amanda provides an extensive range of ​psychological services for adults and adolescents. She facilitates therapeutic processes to enable you to access your own internal wisdom (and yes, we all have it!). We enable you to make empowered choices, working with the premise that you are the expert in your own life, she does not make any judgements or make decisions for you.


Amanda McKay specialises in exploring, acknowledging, and reshaping life’s coping mechanisms of:

  • Anxiety,

  • Depression,

  • Sleep Issues / Insomnia, 

  • Addictions (alcohol, smoking, gambling, pornography, social media, online gaming, shopping and more),

  • Grief & Loss, ​

  • Weight and Eating issues, ​

  • Interpersonal / relationship issues, ​

  • Trauma Recovery / PTS (Post Traumatic Stress),

  • Hoarding & Squalor,

  • Trichotillomania (hair pulling),

  • Nail biting,

  • Anger management, ​

  • Sexual issues,

  • Phobias and Fears,

  • Compulsive lying.

Amanda believes the purpose of therapy is to enable us to experience life with greater joy and awareness.

Amanda has been in private practice for over 10 years, along with working in community health, aged care, people with disability, women and youth at risk.

​Amanda's driving interest and passion for many years is providing a high level of Holistic psychotherapy to individuals who wish to increase their level of awareness of who they are and empowering them to become who they want to be. She brings great enthusiasm to her work with a high level of integrity, skill and commitment in an accepting, non-judgmental and safe environment.

Amanda provides experiential avenues for exploring health in ways which come from the edge of postmodern psychology, which embrace complementary approaches to healing the whole person. Her person-centred approach is based on holistic, psychodynamic and transpersonal principles. This provides you an avenue to explore, express and experience feelings, gain insight, make meaning and integrate different aspects of self.  

Some of the approaches which may be offered to you are include: Hypnotherapy, Expressive Art therapies, Focusing, Mindfulness, CBT, NLP, Gestalt, and several other processes.

Professional Memberships

Registered Clinical member of PACFA (Psychotherapy Counselling Federation of Australia) NDIS Screening Check, Working with Children Check, 1st Aid / CPR


Bachelor of Holistic Counselling

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy



Phone: 0407 069 092


Face to Face Appointments: 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays evenings

Friday afternoon

Saturday afternoon

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