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Arts Therapy

What is Arts Therapy?

Arts therapy utilises all the arts modalities as a means of communication within a therapeutic setting. It aims to provide a safe space for people to explore and express aspects of themselves, their experiences and their relationships. Art forms such as drawing, painting, singing, movement, sculpting, drama, improvisation, sand play, puppetry, journaling and visualization may be used.


Is an arts background necessary for Art Therapy?

No arts skills or experience is required! Arts therapy is not about creating a masterpiece or becoming a great artist. It is about the process and relationship.

How is Arts Therapy used?
  • ​Arts therapy may aid the reflective therapeutic process. Images, movements and chosen objects may reveal emotions, experiences or thought processes.

  • ​Art making may serve as a tool for meditation and stress management. Often when a person is working creatively they will move into the “flow state”. The brain is focused on the process and becomes quieter creating space for relaxation and insight.


Difference and similarities between Arts Therapy and Talking Therapies

​Arts therapy is similar to talking therapies in that dialogue between you and the therapist aims to facilitate psycho-emotional healing and encourage new ways of being. Arts therapy differs from traditional talking therapies in that it uses the arts as a medium for exploration and communication in addition to talking.

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