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Stillness Meditation & Psychotherapy

What is Stillness Meditation Therapy?

This therapeutic concept of meditation embodies the innovative work of renowned psychiatrist, Ainslie Meares.  While meditation per se is well recognised today for a variety of mindful, relaxation and spiritual purposes, Stillness Meditation Therapy is notably different.  Medically based, SMT specifically targets mental health symptoms relating to tension and anxiety.   Stillness Meditation Therapy is more than relaxation, even more than meditation.  SMT is almost a philosophy, the way of living calm that restores physical and mental ease by reducing tension and its distressing reactivity.


Can Stillness Meditation Therapy help me?

SMT can provide a natural and significant improvement to wellbeing and general life development.   Suitable for use across the life span, here are some examples of benefits gained by learning and adopting Stillness Meditation as a form of therapy and an ongoing life-art:


  • Reduction and management of tension, anxiety and fear​

  • Relief of panic attacks, phobias, depression, obsessive compulsive and similar disorders

  • Relief and management of insomnia​

  • Reduction of the ‘stress’ response and assistance with stress management

  • Improvement to self-confidence and resilience

  • Assistance in the management of chronic illness/disease​​

  • Development of inner life awareness, mindfulness, happiness and spiritual growth

  • Assistance in education, sport, corporate, or workplace environments

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