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Clinical Psychology

What is a Clinical Psychologist?

Clinical psychologists provide a range of services to individuals across the lifespan and for mental health conditions. 


How can a Clinical Psychologist help?


Clinical psychologists have skills in the following areas:


Assessment and diagnosis

Clinical psychologists are trained in the assessment of mental illnesses and psychological problems.  A clinical psychologist is able to assess the causes of psychological distress within the context of contributing factors, such as social and family influences, and psychological coping styles.



A clinical psychologist can help develop a plan for prevention, stabilisation or recovery. They use a variety of psychological therapies that meet the specific needs and circumstances of each client.


A Clinical Psychologist can assist with:

  • Problems in adjusting to major life changes, stress or trauma

  • Anxiety, worry or fear

  • Depressed or low mood

  • Obsessional thinking

  • Problems with alcohol or drug use

  • Insomnia and other sleep problems

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