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Pauline McKinnon - Stillness Meditation & Psychotherapist


Well known for her book In Stillness Conquer Fear and a range of other allied publications, Pauline’s experience of many years addresses mental health issues primarily through the natural relief and management of anxiety.  Pauline is a clinical member of AAFT (Australian Association of Family Therapy) and draws upon this training to assist clients whose needs may require the addition of a psychotherapeutic/counselling approach supported by the practice of Stillness Meditation Therapy.

For more than 30 years Pauline has specialised in the unique therapeutic meditation developed by renowned psychiatrist Ainslie Meares.  She has personal as well as professional experience in the relief and management of anxiety and related conditions.  The author of several books on these topics, Pauline also offers solution-focused psychotherapy.  

Meditation classes/individual or group therapy, personally or via Zoom or Skype




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Phone:    9817 2933 
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