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Clare Shelton - Clinical Psychologist

Clare has been working since 2005 as a Clinical Psychologist in public mental health and private practice, with adolescents and adults. Clare has worked with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of mental health conditions. She is experienced in the psychological treatment of depression, stress and anxiety, distress related to difficult and traumatic experiences, and interpersonal difficulties. In her public mental health work Clare has specialised in the psychological assessment and treatment of Bipolar and Psychotic disorders.


Clare works with people to develop a shared understanding of current difficulties and goals for treatment. She works together with individuals to identify patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that maintain difficulties, and to develop new and more helpful ways of thinking and behaving, in order to reduce symptoms and distress and promote wellbeing. She is trained in and uses a range of evidence based treatments including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR and Schema Therapy.


Clare is a clinical psychologist registered with AHPRA, and is a Psychology Board of Australia approved supervisor. She provides services under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative.

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