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What is a Counsellor?

A counsellor uses a range of therapeutic approaches to suit your unique situation and needs, thereby creating a caring and safe space for you to work through any difficult life issues. As well as possessing specialist skills a good counsellor will display, most importantly, compassion, understanding and Empathy. Applying a holistic approach, the counsellor can form a deep appreciation of you and your unique life path.

Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP’s)

A normal trait – not a disorder


HSPs comprise about a fifth of the general population, with the same number of males as females being affected (although it may be less obvious in males because of upbringing and cultural expectations). It is not a ‘condition,’ it is a NORMAL human trait. However, HSPs may be more vulnerable to higher anxiety levels and depressive states. This is due to the distinctive makeup of their nervous system. Highly Sensitive Persons process sensory information unusually thoroughly and reflect on it deeply. If you are an HSP, you notice so much at once that it is easy to become overstimulated (and at times overwhelmed) if you receive sensory information that is intense, complex, chaotic or even just new to you.

Specialist counselling for HSP’s can enable them – adults and children – to live healthy, enjoyable and productive lives which make room for their sensitivity and respect their depth of feeling and perception.

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